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Boiler Repair Wombwell

To give new life to your system, you need new radiators and boiler installations. A qualified heating engineer plays a role in determining the steps and success of the process. You need to establish which boiler is the best for you depending on some factors.

  • Hire a Gas Safe Registered engineer if you want to install a gas boiler.
  • For electric boiler, hire a boiler engineer with experience in electrical boilers or hire a qualified electrician.
  • An OFTEC – Oil Firing Technicians Association member is required if you want to install an oil burning appliances and services.
  • For boilers that burn solids such as woodborer require a HEATAS member to be consulted.

Our central heating experts will guide you on the size of boiler you need to buy and the number depending on your requirement and the size of your home. We have various boilers from the best manufacturers in UK and abroad. Our costs for the boiler and labour are affordable and we guarantee you the best service ever!

Convenient Services

Count on Eco Efficient Wombwell to provide prompt and long lasting boiler installations, central heating installations, servicing and repair. We do not have a ‘working hour’s schedule’, we work all day long for 24 hours as the most reliable heating and boiler repair, servicing and installation company in Dodworth, Shafton, Silkstone, Wombwell, and Royston areas. Our response vans are loaded with quality parts at all times to guarantee quick repairs, installations and maintenance service. We have same day central heating repairs, central heating and boiler servicing and power flushing. To enjoy our services, you can either make a pre-booking or you can call us for emergency services.

High Quality Service and Satisfaction

We have many accreditations from trusted manufacturers throughout the UK. Our boiler and central heating prices are affordable and we guarantee high quality and reliable services. We have unrivalled knowledge on heating solutions, so we will always provide reliable and affordable options. We keep ourselves up to date with the current industry changes and requirements and we recommend boiler serving and inspection as a future strategy for efficient heating systems. As a company that is focussed on cost efficient strategies, we are big on boiler inspection and power flushing as strategies of maintaining your system in the best working position.

Choosing a Boiler for Installation

Combination boilers heat water as it is being used, so they do not require an overflow tank. We can upgrade gravity fed systems for you. High pressure systems use the pressure from the main water supply and you need a storage tank when installing the system.

Eco Efficient Wombwell prides itself in first class services and a wealth of knowledge on all boilers and heating systems. We can:

  • Inspect all types of central heating systems and boilers.
  • Rectify gas and boiler leaks.
  • Upgrade heating controls.
  • Install full heating systems.
  • Upgrade heating systems.
  • Provide information on heating systems and boilers to ensure you make an informed decision.
  • Provide power flushing services or free for every installation.

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