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Boiler Repair Silkstone

Eco Eefficient Silkstone understands the value of repairing or replacing a boiler as soon as possible. We are recognized for our record time and unrivalled emergency boiler repair services. We have more than 10 years’ experience in emergency and non-emergency boiler repair in Wombwell, Dodworth, Silkstone, Royston, and Shafton areas. We carry out our work quickly, efficiently and at affordable prices. Do not hesitate to call us, if you need emergency repairs for your boiler. Our sales team will connect you to a professional right away and your boiler will soon be restored to its working condition. You never have to face an unexpected bill as we explain our costs and inform you in case there will be changes in repair costs.

Hassle-Free Central Heating System Installation

The first step towards central heating installation is establishing the kind of boiler that is suitable for you. Some combi boilers do not require cylinders or tanks for them to provide hot water and constant heat. For other central heating systems, there are some that run on heat pumps and solar panels as sources of renewable energy.  They are efficient in their operation and costs. We at Eco Efficient Silkstone arrange amazing deals with the best and most reliable manufacturers for your satisfaction. Whether you need central heating repair or replacement, count on us for great deals and quality service.

We can fit every component of the system with the highest design and performance. With our range of central heating systems, there is something for you that will suit your lifestyle. If you need to install a system which you can control the temperature of each room from a central place; we have the right system for you. The system cuts down heating bills by reducing energy consumption.

Great Savings through Servicing

Did you know that boiler servicing cuts down your energy bills by 10 to 15% per year? Servicing ensures that the boiler is functioning efficiently and safely. It is during servicing that our technicians unveil any hidden issue whether small or big and provide a solution for it. Servicing your boiler saves you from expensive boiler repair costs that are likely to affect your boiler, if you do not service the system. Boiler manufacturers are particular on annual servicing during summer so that it can be ready for winter.

Our Boiler Service Include;

  • Removing soot from the boiler.
  • Cleaning the inside of the boiler.
  • Examination of all pipework and joints for corrosion and visual confirmation that the boiler is in the right setting.
  • Testing the gas pressure to confirm that the boiler is not producing carbon monoxide and that it is combusting correctly.
  • Checking whether there are gas and boiler leaks in the system and if there is proper ventilation to release harmful gas.
  • After the servicing, our Gas Safe Engineer will give you a Gas Safe Certificate.

If you need advice on energy efficient options for boiler installation and central heating installation, repair and servicing, our technicians will be happy to advise you.

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