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Boiler Repair Royston

For your peace of mind, our engineers are Gas Safety Registered. Our boiler repair services are aimed at restoring the boiler to its original state. Our repair services ensure that the boiler is repaired in a safe and efficient manner.

Our hands on, reliable, experienced, and friendly team of engineers are ready for repairs. They are dedicated to tidy, swift, quality and stress free boiler installation and repair services. Our services are available throughout Dodworth Silkstone, Royston, Shafton, Wombwell, and all surrounding areas.


Regular boiler servicing helps to maintain your boiler in the best condition. Servicing is important for safety reasons, as well as a preventive measure for sudden future breakdowns. Even though regular servicing is important, it should not replace annual servicing. Did you know that servicing your boiler increases its efficiency while at the same time reduces energy costs?

Special Occasions for Boiler Servicing

You need to be keen about how your boiler operates, so that you can notice when something about it is not right. A pilot light that keeps going on and off, a noisy fan, irregular yellow flame, reduced water pressure, and noisy pump are warning signs that you need to service your boiler. If you notice that your boiler needs more frequent refilling or you need to keep resetting the boiler or a stain on the appliance, then it is time for servicing.

The Perfect Boiler for You!

Eco Efficient Royston is a well reputed and professional boiler installation company offering heating and plumbing services across the Royston area. We are specialists in replacing boilers, new boiler installations as well as servicing and maintenance. To keep your central heating up to date and clean, we provide power flushing services. We pride ourselves in exceptional customer service and top quality services. Our installers are Gas Safe Registered and fully experienced.

Finding a boiler to meet your needs is challenging, especially when you consider the numerous makes and models in the market. Our qualified engineers are willing to help you choose the best boiler for your home. Just contact us and you will be amazed by our dedication to helping you meet your needs. Our solutions are long term and we charge reasonable rates for all our services. We install A-rated energy efficient boilers that come with a warranty of 10 years accompanied by a labour warranty of 5 years.

Our Commitment to Energy Efficiency

Are you looking for valuable advice on energy efficient central heating installation, gas and boiler leaks repair, central heating repairs, or any boiler and heating related service? Well, contact us; we will carry out comprehensive surveys and tests to highlight issues leading to high energy bills. If you need professional gas and boiler leaks inspection, we are the people to talk to today.

Contact us today; we are happy to be at your service for any heating or boiler service.

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